Quotes & Reviews

“Explosive Guitar” – Rolling Stone Magazine

“A stellar songwriter & guitarist” – Coyote Music

“Poss and his guitar shine” – Ward Lowe

Caravan of Dreams Interview: Rick Poss

“Guitarist Rick Poss offers a collection of blues and straightfoward rock on From Greenville to Clarksville. Poss learned at the feet of texas legends like Mance Lipscomb, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Freddie King, and you’ll hear their influences in his old-school blues sound. Most of the songs spin Depression-era tales of working-class folks, desperate characters and murder. Depsite the occasionally bleak subjects on the album, Poss and his guitar shine, particularly on intimate tracks such as “Salute the Working Man,” “Pretty Jenny” and “After All.”
– Ward Lowe – Austin Monthly, December 2009

“Rick is a great guitar player, with a crazy talent for coming up with the right part (and tone), whether he’s accompanying someone or playing his own songs.”
– Scrappy Jud Newcomb

“Rick Poss has a mighty righteous sounding record here. Greenville! Apparently it’s not enough that Rick’s a smokin’ guitar wizard, he can also knock out some very captivating tunes. Hat’s off to a compelling piece of work!”
– Randy Weeks

“Reminds me of a Jim Thompson novel.”
– Greg Trooper

“Rick Poss has joined that ever growing fraternity started by George Harrison of great sidemen who can take the center stage and hold your attention.”
– Michael Fracasso

“In addition to his lead guitar work, Poss turns in fine efforts on the mandolin and dobro.”
– Jan Reid, Texas Monthly Magazine, August 1995.

“Guitar guru…”
– Brad Springs, The Stars of Texas Magazine, August 2005

“An all-rounder.”
– B.J. Cole

“Poss plays with piercing precision, like a surgeon – daring yet calculated, he always seems a step ahead. . .”
– Seamus Gallivan

“Your guitar is a secret weapon.”
– Bobby Bridges